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  2016 Sale Results by Hip #

  1-50 | 51-102

Hip Number Yearling Name Sex Sire Dam
Consignor Purchased By Purchase Price
51 Fox Valley Gemini C Yankee Skyscaper Epona
Fox Valley Standardbreds   Jim Ballinger $2,700
52 Fox Valley B Gump C Sportsmaster Bubbas Joicey B
Fox Valley Standardbreds   Francis Consigine $1,900
53 Fox Valley Rumor F Yankee Skyscaper Tyler Too
Fox Valley Standardbreds   Chris Banks $1,600
54 Gone Rockin C Rockin Image Going Going Gone
Fox Valley Standardbreds, Agt   Brian Ogan $7,000
55 Fox Valley Ernesto C Sportsmaster Duncans Sister
Fox Valley Standardbreds   Alan Beals $3,700
56 Undeniable Emotion F Powerful Emotion Foxy Vixen
Fox Valley Standardbreds, Agt   Steph McKinnon $2,500
57 Have A Good Day F Richess Hanover Rose Dawson
Fox Valley Standardbreds, Agt     OUT
58 Yenta's Girl F Sportsmaster All American Yenta
Fox Valley Standardbreds, Agt   Chris Chaney $1000
59 Fox Valley Paisley F Pizzazzed Madcap Escapade
Fox Valley Standardbreds, Agt   Fabian Johnson $4,200
60 Yougotitfiguredout C Yankee Skyscaper Illini Park
Fox Valley Standardbreds, Agt   RNA RNA
61 Fox Valley Catwalk F Sportsmaster Redhot And Rich
Fox Valley Standardbreds   Rodney Freese $1,500
62 Completely Serious C Sportsmaster Celtricity
Double RW Farm   Pat Gammage $1,100
63 Hornet C Sagebrush Lady Hornet
Little Brindle Farm     OUT
64 Fox Valley Kendra F Sportsmaster Pacific Sister K
Fox Valley Standardbreds   Mike Titus $1,600
65 Tickle My Fancy F My MVP Fancy Fern Yankee
Fox Valley Standardbreds   Bob Phillips $6,000
66 Fox Valley Reese C Powerful Emotion Sadie H Hershey
Fox Valley Standardbreds   Rod Knupp $3,000
67 Fox Valley Xena F Sportsmaster Elusive Image N
Fox Valley Standardbreds   Linda Mills $1,700
68 Fox Valley Porter C Richess Hanover Hereshecomesagain
Fox Valley Standardbreds   Rodney Freese $1,500
69 Fox Valley Adalina F Pizzazzed Reina Bella
Fox Valley Standardbreds   Lawrence Williams $4,100
70 Love And Romance F Sportsmaster Romantic Michelle
Double RW Farm   J.D. Lewis $1,700
71 Yank's Rendezvous F Richess Hanover Seaside Rendezvous
Fox Valley Standardbreds, Agt   RNA RNA
72 Fox Valley Harper F Yankee Skyscaper Savoya Hanover
Fox Valley Standardbreds   RNA RNA
73 Fox Valley Lincoln C Sportsmaster CR First Lady
Fox Valley Standardbreds   Steve Searle $1,000
74 Fox Valley Strpwr C Pizzazzed Starlicious
Fox Valley Standardbreds, Agt   Willis Hamm $2,900
75 What A Hot Image C Rockin Image SS Hot Pipes
Fox Valley Standardbreds, Agt   Bob Phillips $15,000
76 Fox Valley Aana F Sportsmaster Our Golden Promise
Fox Valley Standardbreds   Steph McKinnon $1,000
77 Fox Valley Admire F Powerful Emotion Armbro Adored
Fox Valley Standardbreds   H.W. Wright $1,800
78 Fancy Creek Annie F Richess Hanover Lake Hills Nancy
Fox Valley Standardbreds   Larry Carp $3,500
79 Sports Creek G Sportsmaster Miller Creek Ethel
Fox Valley Standardbreds, Agt   Mike Titus $1,000
80 Fox Valley Mia F Pizzazzed Ms Brittania
Fox Valley Standardbreds   Willis Hamm $2,200
81 Fox Valley Piper F Yankee Skyscaper Palen Power
Fox Valley Standardbreds   Neil Nordolf $1,500
82 Ge Geg G F Sportsmaster Ms Camry
Double RW Farm   Robert Grismore $1,800
83 Fox Valley Hijinx C Yankee Skyscaper Kimmy
Fox Valley Standardbreds   Nick Suruck $7,200
84 Fox Valley Persia F Pizzazzed Armbro Bahrain
Fox Valley Standardbreds   Herman Wheeler $2,500
85 Sweet Press F Sportsmaster Broadway Dandy
Fox Valley Standardbreds, Agt   Ron Knupp $1000
86 Fox Valley Jazzy F Yankee Skyscaper LR Dancing Dream
Fox Valley Standardbreds   Gerry Brown $1,800
87 Fox Valley Zoom C Fancy Creek Photo Powerful Emotion
Fox Valley Standardbreds   Steph McKinnon $2,800
88 Fox Valley Missme F Sportsmaster Zip Up Your Pans
Fox Valley Standardbreds   Hart Walker $8,000
89 Fox Valley O'Shea C Pizzazzed Yankee Victory OM
Fox Valley Standardbreds   Mike Brink $18,000
90 Fox Valley Ember F Sportsmaster Shes Redhot
Fox Valley Standardbreds   Willis Hamm $7,000
91 Piscotty C Richess Hanover Im All A Roan
Fox Valley Standardbreds, Agt   Mike Brink $6,000
92 Fox Valley Sunrise F Pizzazzed Super Renee
Fox Valley Standardbreds   Joel Smith $2,500
93 Kassing C Sportsmaster Redhot Pepperpot
Little Brindle Farm   RNA RNA
94 Mass Confession C Muscle Mass Self Confessed
Fox Valley Standardbreds   Anthony Lombardi $16,000
95 Fox Valley Sierra F Yankee Skyscaper Little Maeve
Fox Valley Standardbreds   Harold Debolt $3,000
96 Fox Valley Sinful C Sportsmaster Thongundrcolrsoops
Fox Valley Standardbreds   Joel Smith $6,000
97 Salvatore C Sagebrush Towne Nurse
Double RW Farm   Mike Brown $3,000
98 Great And Grandios C Richess Hanover Fox Valley Estella
Fox Valley Standardbreds, Agt   Chris Banks $4,700
99 Turner Image C Rockin Image Panfastic
Fox Valley Standardbreds, Agt   Benita Simmons $60,000
100 Fox Valley Trump C Powerful Emotion Wealthy Women
Fox Valley Standardbreds   Charles Warner $3,000
101 Sports Analyst C Sportsmaster Gurus Girl
Fox Valley Standardbreds, Agt   Ronald Phillips $2,500
102 Fox Valley Phoenix C Sportsmaster C Suzabelle
Fox Valley Standardbreds   Jeff Davis $18,000